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What is a cross connection inspection?

An inspection to ensure that cross connections are not occurring in a building’s plumbing system. Who has to have cross connection inspections done? Every building that is connected to a municipal water supply is required to have inspections performed.

A cross connection is a piping arrangement that allows a potable water system to be connected to a source of potential pollution or contamination. It’s very important to protect cross connections in order to prevent backflow into potable water.

Ultimately, backflow can cause the contamination of the entire public water supply, posing a risk for anyone using water for drinking, cooking, bathing or any other purposes.

If there’s an incident resulting in contamination of public drinking water (due to improper or unprotected plumbing connections), the owner responsible or occupant of the property can be held liable for damages.

How we can help

Actual Mechanical has certified testers, and we can do repairs or replacements of the cross connection devices in your commercial buildings. We are also an approved cross connection certified tester with the City of Edmonton, and many other municipalities.